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Misunderstanding web design in a Google first world

For most web design companies, clients normally come with two requirement, a site which looks great and for something that ranks well on Google. At first glance these two requests would seem reasonable, but often are at odd with each other. Can a good looking site rank well on Google? The answer to this question […]

Apple iPad, Killer content or content Killer?

When Apple announced the iPad on the 27th January 2010, many things were expected. Like all rumour based predictions, some came true and some not. But a low powered tablet based computer without a keyboard, webcam or even Flash, is this really the future or has Steve made another Newtonian error? We call it the […]

Accessible web design – an oxymoron

Ten years ago the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) published their project Web Accessibility Initiative. Its aim was to make the web a fairer platform for all. Today with calls for all websites to be accessible, how far have we come? Do all websites need to be accessible? Or is it another case of bad policy […]

Adobes Flash in the pan

Adobe Flash, once the popular option for creating animations, websites and games on the net, has recently come under attack by Apple, Google and Microsoft. Is it time to start turning our backs on Adobe, or will the competition finally come unstuck? A short History Created in 1996 by a company called Macromedia, Flash was […]