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Brochure websites

When you need the site to be as unique as you

With a web 2.0 world around us it easy to assume when you hire a web designer they will be designing a CMS. With the ability of a CMS to allow non-technical staff to make content changes, it seem natural for some to be the only choice.

But for many companies they simply don’t have the time to train or put aside internal resources to handle the maintenance of a website.

Also for companies where the message rarely changes or where they don’t want the concerns of security then a brochure website can often be the best choice.

Uniquely yours

With a CMS the content for the webpages are stored in a database and are squirted on the page when someone visits, not only does this require more hosting grunt, it can leave the website feeling very ‘samey’. With a brochure website the constraints are gone, each page can be as induvial as you are.

Budget friendly

With a brochure website the advantages don’t just stop at the design, but due to the way pages are put together, a brochure website can be also cheaper to build, host and maintain.

In fact for a lot of companies, a brochure website can actually provide a more effective ROI than any other platform.


As with any method, it is not perfect. With Brochure websites the more pages you do add, the more expensive it can get, this is down to simple things like having to update navigation on every page.

And it does not stop there, because every page its own unique code base, if you decide to drastically change the style of the site, it can often mean a redesign.

The need for speed

While the downside might make you think twice, there is something a brochure website outshines any CMS and that’s speed. Technically a brochure website will always perform better than a CMS on like for like hosting. This is down to many factors and for mobile sites and clients interested in rankings this can be a bonus that simply can’t be ignored.

You don’t have to be the expert

The great news is when you ask XL Creative to quote on a project, you don’t need to know if you want a brochure website, if we feel it will be an advantage to you, we will just suggest it, along with the reasons we feel this option works for you.