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The art of selling in a digital world.

Without question, great copy has the power to take an everyday object and turn it into an object of desire, and although the medium may have changed through the years, people who can write copy are still held in very high regard.

Digital ink

With the invention of the internet and search engines, the need to write copy which search engines like, engage with the audience and cause them to become customers is still the holy grail of the wordsmith’s arsenal.

Normally banded under the head of marketing, if copy is not created to cater to these three induvial channels, then not matter how cutting edge the design, the site will fail.

Traditional methods with a modern twist

We believe that when people talk about web copy, they will to often focus on one aspect, leaving you weak on the other two. This is where our approach is different.

Without research on the market with research on the product, the job is only half done.

Taking time to learn your business

Often you the client will be aware of the sort of copy you want written. In fact your business experience dealing with your clients can’t be replicated. You are the best people to know your clients.

But without collaborating with partners, who can take those idea an combine them to copy which works on the web, is the same as buying an expensive car and letting someone other than a mechanic repair it… In brief it’s short-sighted and daft.

Our results

With input from you, married with our web expertise simply leads to better online results.

And although it won’t put you to the top of Google by itself, when integrated with our other services you have a powerful combination that is hard to beat.