XL Creative - The web design agency. We are a web design company based in Dorset.


The journey of your next project

In common with all website design agencies we use a tried and tested method to get your site live.

From initial contact to final deployment, you, the client is in the heart of our design and development process. We believe through this partnership we produce a superior end product.

In the beginning

Each project starts with a brief, time is taken to make sure we have everything we need to quote on the site.

Our quotes are written in plain language detailing in general terms what we will be providing. Generally what we quote is what you will pay, but a quote is only going to be as good as the brief information produced.

Once a quote is signed off, we start working up some visual ideas, as with any creative process, this can take time, not only to produce the ideas, but to include any idea you may want to see in the revision process.

Once the visual(s) have been signed off, we start creating code, if we are creating a CMS, the technical infrastructure is deployed on our development servers and code is created.

Often at this point, when there is some live code to see, we will invite you for an initial review. This allows us to ensure what we are producing, you will be happy with.

Once everyone is happy, we add the content that completes the website.

With our service at any point you are welcome to revisit and revise scope and brief, as long as you are happy to be billed for the additional work.

In short our workflow ensures you get the site you want for the price agreed, the perfect combination.

As with all XL Creative, our method reflects a simple, transparent method which enhances our relationship with you.