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Responsive design

The art of communication in a modern connected world

Talk to people about the phrase responsive design and it can feel very technical. Simply put responsive web design is about presenting your message in a way that works on a multitude of devices.

Technically a page can be coded to re-flow, but without focus on what people using these devices need, your message can at best fail to make an impact, and at worse they can miss the point completely.

While it’s true there is a massive amount of people who access websites via mobile devices, it’s not universal.

For a website to work well you need to hit your primary audience, and this does mean making design choices based on your audience needs.

At XL Creative, not only are our websites responsive, they talk to your primary audience and then accommodate anyone else visiting…

Designing with your primary audience in mind, you can ensure you created the clearest channel of communication, no matter your message.

The technical bit

Our primary choice of CSS framework is Bootstrap. Known as the world’s most popular CSS framework. Simply put Bootstrap allows for a reduced design cycle. In addition being backed by Twitter means its rock solid, no matter the platform.

While Bootstrap is ideal for most sites, it’s not the only framework we use. We also use Adobe’s fluid grid, Foundation, Skeleton, Pure as well as in-house custom CSS.

This flexibility allows use to produce sites, which not only look great, work well, but also load quickly without the need for specialist hosting.

Well-designed websites that just work

With the combination of great design, with great technology means XL Creative can deliver your project on time and on budget.

Our streamline workflow ensures when we set a deadline we meet it.

Your next design project

So no matter the project, contact XL Creative today so your next website can be one to be proud of.