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Search Marketing

When pure organic SEO is not enough

While appearing in the organic search listings is the ultimate prize for any company wanting to appear on search Engines, it’s not the end of the story.

Even when done well, Organic SEO takes time to gain momentum and for smaller companies they may never have the clout to dominate organic listings well.

For companies who fall into the category, there are still options available and generally split into two categories

The first is Pay per Click, simply put we are able to manage your brand being shown in the search engines sponsored listings.

With very little as a down side, by going down this route you are almost guaranteed limitless traffic.

As long as your marketing budget is large enough, you are able to specify how many visitors you want and the maximum you want to spend to obtain them.

Always being in control is one of the many benefits of pay per click and to maximise return we not only look to optimise your adverts, but also optimise the landing pages that will receive this new stream of traffic.

In short this powerful combination will ensure the maximum ROI for your precious marketing budget.

Google is not the only PPC avenue and we are happy to arrange a devise portfolio of PPC advertising opportunities on your behalf.

Outside PPC

While its true Google devalues web directories, they can still be a great source of direct traffic.

But as with straight PPC it’s important for your listing to stand out as much as possible, so you get the maximum amount of visitors.

Pricing and management varies but generally it can be very cost effective.

Be a master of search marketing

If you are looking into search marketing, think of XL Creative as we are positive we can maximise the return on your investment.