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Social Media

Delivering the impossible through the power of the crowd

Social media can be thought of as the Marmite of the online world. Half the world raves, half the world hates, but does anyone really see any benefit.

Technically social media is a simple affair but this approach often falls short simply due to the miss-understanding on how each platform is used.

Automating yourself to zero profits

Each platform has its unique features and for many businesses the idea of personalising their marketing approach for each social media channel can seem daunting and yet without this method many companies fails to ever convert their audience.

Growing an audience

To generate enquires on social media an audience need to be found, and with social media this is generated with newsletters, adverts and of course likes.

XL creative have a range of services which can help with this, don’t struggle with Social media when outsourcing is a phone call away.

Engaging with your audience

Growing an audience is not enough to ensure success, once captured your audience needs a constant stream of information as well as the occasional targeted ad. For many small companies the time needed to engage is simply not available, this is when XL Creative can help, we are experts in managing social media as well as organising and writing campaigns which gets your potential customers clicking.

It’s not just about outsourcing

For those companies with enough in-house resource, but lack the knowhow, XL Creative have a range of training options just right for you. So whether it’s online, email based, group or 1-2-1 training, XL Creative can give you the online skills to destroy the competition.